Scott Flett is the recipient of the 2023 Australian Institute of Architects Emerging Architect Prize for Tasmania.

Jury Citation:

“Scott Flett is an exceptional practitioner and worthy recipient to the 2023 Emerging Architecture Award.
His commitment to innovation is to be revered as his willingness to share knowledge for the benefits of all architects and the advancement of the profession. This is evidence through his involvement with the Australian Institute of Architects as a Tasmanian co-chair of the Emerging Architects and Graduate Network (EmAGN), his contribution to the institute’s technical working groups and establishing COVID-19 Safe Work Health and Safety construction guidelines that helped enable the industry to continue working safely throughout the pandemic.
Scott’s construction and architecture background has armed him with an excellent design aptitude and technical application from the macro to the micro. This is displayed through the design, development, fabrication and installation of his patented and multi award winning Flett Flashing. His ability to cross fertilize beyond the immediate orbit of architecture into aligned creative and technical disciplines is demonstrated through international industry citations in various media platforms, highlighting his capacity and leadership in the architecture profession and beyond.
Scott is a highly intelligent and motivated character who has demonstrated the foundations of a successful and highly researched way of practicing architecture and is an outstanding advocate for the architectural profession. Congratulations, Scott.”

You can find out more about Scott Flett on LinkedIn.